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Products/Services.     Merrie Lynn Ross Team- Balance Energy Fields - Private Consults TransformationTraining Bring up Joy levels - Live your purpose and potential.

Delete Blocks - Improve Emotional, Physical, Spiritual challenges - Heal the hurts.
Reboot Maximum Potential
Byron's 7-Day FREE Series 
Emerged from his spirit of Knowing.
Transcending what we believe is reality. 
He has come with a message to enlight and bring joy.
Delete stuckness,fine clarity.
 Practices for BE-ing REAL- Enlivened 
your purpose and infinite potential. 
You will receive contemplations,
 multi-frequency boosts & mp3 audios

Peace Smarts -144pg. Reproducible Curriculum
Grades 6-12 brings Peace Culture into family life, schools and uplifts Unity in Community thru conflict-resolution, communication skills, creative problem solving.

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